JCOlsthoorn and the SPBX: Poetry Challenge!

Click on the link to view my entry into the SPBX: Poetry Challenge! Voting ends June 2 and the one with the most votes wins $250.

My commitment? Should I garner the most votes (please vote only if you do sincerely like it) I will donate the $250 to a worthy poetry cause: Arc Poetry Magazine which is really very self-serving of me having been just elected as a member of the Board for the Arc Poetry Society.

Here is poem I read for the challenge:

suds of stout

suds of stout on her upper lip
a mustache of sorts a woman wears
sitting across from me here
her in jean jacket her smile a grin

the tzatziki on the corner of her mouth
i quickly flicked away with my tongue
our lips touched briefly i laughed
and her in jean jacket smiled a grin

flirting with food and drink
we will start with dessert first
hot dogs with buns buttered fried
starters at end plump fresh shrimp

across the dance floor
or hwy 401 across the divide
or pond’s deep distance
stout we are at all our wandering

©2014 (JCOlsthoorn)