Had a call on the telephone the other day. It was complicated because of how I set my phones up using call forwarding, VOIP, multi-ring call forwarding (thanks OOMA) and picking up the call on my cell so a call goes thru several loops before I answer it.

So the call comes in, I answer, delay, then a chap asks if I need duck cleaning. Humm, I thought. Am not fond of duck, but I like chicken and turkey so I tell him I have no ducks, but I do have chickens and turkeys. Do you do chicken and turkey cleaning? I asked.

He said “WHAT?”. I repeated to him that I don’t have ducks, thank you, but I’d be interested in chicken or turkey cleaning. Not sure what it was, if it was a delay in the routing of the call, my cell reception or what, but the line went dead.

Guess I’ll never know. Well, I almost had the chance to ask two days later when he called again. I didn’t answer, but the person who did wasn’t fowl-ly versed. Next time!

happy happy happy